The Tiguan and the all new Tiguan Allspace.



High-tech. At a higher level.

Always striving for new goals. Not only when it comes to design. The Tiguan and the all new Tiguan Allspace also sets the benchmark in terms of comfort, safety, handling characteristics and connectivity. Thanks to consistent further development of proven technologies and a host of new, innovative functions – for more opportunities and more adventures at the wheel wherever you go.

Radio and navigation.

Always on course. For the best entertainment.

Ready to choose the set list? It’s not just the high-quality glass front on our radios and navigation systems that provoke a response; the touchscreen facilitates intuitive operation while the technology itself makes a visible and audible difference. The optional, innovative navigation system Discover Pro with integrated gesture control makes navigation easier than ever.

Active Info Display.

Adjusts itself. To your requirements.

Rev counter, speedometer, odometer – the optional Active Info Display provides this data and much more besides at a glance. And best of all: you can put the focus on the information that is most important to you at any given moment.


An eye on everything. And on your destination.

Always informed, never distracted: at the touch of a button, the optional “head-up display” extends from the dashboard and places important information such as speed, navigation data and traffic signs directly in the driver’s field of vision.

Assistance systems.

Excited when you step inside. Relaxed when you arrive.

Equipped with intelligent technologies and optional driver assistances systems for accident prevention, the Tiguan and the all new Tiguan Allspace helps you in critical driving situations. For a reassuring and supremely confident driving feeling.

Area View.

A clear view. In every direction.

Park with perspective: The optional extra Area View provides live images of the vehicle from 12 different angles and sends them straight to the cockpit of the Tiguan or new Tiguan Allspace, ensuring that parking is as easy as possible.

Lane Assist.

Definitely not middle of the road. But always middle of the lane.

Stay in the lane. The Lane Assist function comes as standard in Europe and realises when the vehicle starts to erroneously move across lane markings. It can be activated from 65 km/h and employs small jerks of the steering wheel to keep the vehicle in the correct lane.*

* Works within the limitations of the system.

Trailer Assist.

Effortless parking. Even with a trailer.

Parking a vehicle with a trailer or mobile home is a breeze with the optional equipment Trailer Assist.* And it works with anything up to an incredible 2.5 tonnes.** All you have to do in the Tiguan and new Tiguan Allspace is operate the accelerator and brake and keep your eyes open.

* The maximum trailer load for the Tiguan and new Tiguan Allspace ranges from 1.8 to 2.5 tonnes, depending on the equipment used and the engine/transmission combination.
** Works within the limitations of the system.

Park Assist.

Parking convenience. At the press of a button.

The Tiguan and the all new Tiguan Allspace not only take you to your destination, they finish the job by putting you right into the parking spot. The optionally available Park Assist function measures spaces on the side of the street while you drive past. If it finds a suitable parallel or perpendicular space, it takes over the steering to manoeuvre the vehicle into the spot.

Traffic Jam Assist.

Automatic relaxation. Even in traffic.

In slow-moving traffic, the optional equipment Traffic Jam Assist keeps an eye on surrounding vehicles and independently reacts to keep the vehicle in its lane. It also operates the accelerator and brake. In stop-start traffic, it even brings the vehicle to a standstill and automatically moves off again after a given time frame. This is possible thanks to excellent communication between the tried and tested optional ACC distance control function and Lane Assist. Traffic Jam Assist takes the pressure off the driver in stop-start situations and therefore helps to reduce the likelihood of a typical traffic jam-related accident.

Dynamic Light Assist.

Technology that really shines after dark.

Dynamic Light Assist is an optional feature that offers dynamic headlight control. By constantly optimising the lights to suit the current driving situation it creates a new relationship between driver and headlights. The system offers variable lighting that enables the driver to permanently use the high-beam lights without the risk of dazzling on-coming drivers, providing a significant improvement in road illumination.


For difficult terrain. But with every comfort and convenience.

New terrain is seldom easy-going. So it’s all the more important to travel in comfort. With its generous interior and numerous assistance systems for comfort and convenience, the Tiguan and the all new Tiguan Allspace makes your journey as pleasant as possible.

Luggage compartment with Easy Open function

Easy to open. Easy to close.

The optional "Easy Open" function ensures you are relaxed, even before setting off. Load heavy items into the luggage compartment without having to dig out the key: A small swipe of the foot under the rear is all it takes to open the tailgate. And it is just as easy to close it again: Simply press the button on the inside of the vehicle. The luggage compartment only closes when you move away from the rear of the vehicle, with the key on your person; or after 20 seconds have elapsed.

Progressive steering.

Steering support that’s ahead of the curve.

The progressive steering option makes driving in everyday and demanding conditions easier. In comparison with conventional steering, considerably fewer turns of the steering wheel are required before full lock is reached. This helps with manoeuvring into parking spaces, yields precise steering and provides outstanding dynamics when cornering.

ergoActive seats.

Superb comfort backed by the latest technologies.

The optional ergoActive seats have been awarded the AGR seal of approval and provide optimum comfort and spinal support while you’re driving. The seat height and backrest angle can be adjusted and they also feature four-way lumbar support with an electric massage function.


It’s all under control. If you want.

No matter what your destination is, you can rely on the Tiguan’s powerful engines with optional 4MOTION technology to get you to any point on the map. You’re the one in control – on every road, on every journey. Because with optional 4MOTION Active Control, the Tiguan is always at home on every terrain.

4MOTION Active Control.

A good enough reason for adventure.

The optional 4MOTION Active Control provides maximum safety on almost every terrain. Just select the optimal driving mode at the rotation of a button: Snow, On-road, Off-road or the freely adjustable Off-road mode. The Tiguan always and the all new Tiguan Allspace gets the best traction – regardless of the terrain.

Driver Profile Selection with optional Adaptive Chassis Control (DCC).

Always on top of things. No matter what’s underneath.

Normal, sporty or comfortable? Having Adaptive Chassis Control (DCC) means that you are no longer limited to one setting. By a simple press of the button on the centre console you can choose between a normal, sporty or comfortable suspension setting. The electrically adjustable dampers automatically adapt to the road surface and driving situation within milliseconds, making sure that that you constantly experience the best possible driving settings.


A superior drive. On almost every road surface.

The Tiguan and the all new Tiguan Allspace lets you push new limits – even on difficult terrain. Thanks to the optional 4MOTION all-wheel drive system, it offers superior traction on practically any surface and boasts better road contact on bends, in side winds and at high speeds. So it not only gets you far, but even further.


Impressive performance. And efficiency.

Only latest-generation engines are used in the Tiguan and in the all new Tiguan Allspace. The petrol engines are TSI power plants: the combination of turbocharging, low displacement and direct injection provides an exemplary power/fuel consumption ratio. The TDI diesel engines feature common rail direct injection and therefore offer exceptional torque, typically low fuel consumption and remarkably low noise levels.


Always free. But always connected.

On-road, off-road and even online – the Tiguan and the all new Tiguan Allspace takes you to new destinations. Thanks to the latest connectivity technology you are ideally prepared on practically every terrain. Step inside: there is so much to discover.